Oral Sedation

Conscious sedation is used to reduce or eliminate anxiety ensuring safe, comfortable and quality dental treatment can be rendered. If deemed necessary, your child will be mildly sedated, but will retain the ability to breathe naturally and respond to questions or verbal commands. It is important to stress that every child will react differently to the sedation; some will fall asleep and some remain awake, relax and calm.  During the dental procedure, your child’s vital signs will be monitored constantly.

The sedation is prescribed in the smallest, safest, and most effective dose, and will be administered orally, 25 minutes to one hour before starting treament. The medication is always administered at the office, so we can continually monitor your child. We have a variety of sedatives and choose the best medication depending on the treatment and age of the child.

Oral sedation appointments are scheduled in the mornings given that your child must come with an empty stomach. If your child takes medications regularly, check with the doctor whether this medication should be taken or not, the morning of the appointment. Be aware that oral sedation does not put your child to sleep, but helps control de anxiety and ensure the success of the treatment. After treatment, your child needs to refrain from any physical activities during that day. We require the one parent stays at the office during treatment, and we strongly suggest you coordinate a second adult during the drive back home. It is always helpful for an adult to ride next to the patient.

Dr. Febres offers deep sedation which, with the help of an anesthesiologist, put patients to sleep. We only recommend this type of sedation for very young children, or patients who need extensive treatment. Special needs patients may be candidates for this kind of sedation. 

Deep Sedation in the Office

IV sedation appointments are usually scheduled on Mondays when no other patients are at the office. Our office coordinates possible dates with the anesthesiologist.Dr Sherrell  has worked with us for the past 2 years. Before the appointment, he reviews carefully the patient medical history to ensure that there are no contraindications for the sedation. Payment for sedation is not done through our office. Specific instructions are given when Dr Febres evaluates the patient and determines that this sedation is needed. 

You can find more information about IV sedation and Dr Sherrell at Anesthesia Alternatives

Deep Sedation at the Hospital

Dr. Febres works with Texas Children's Hospital at West Campus when deep sedation can only be done at the hospital. Hospital appointments are usually scheduled on a Monday or Thursday, and depend on the avaiable dates offered by Texas Children's Hospital. When Dr. Febres determines that a child needs to be treated at the hospital, your child will be added to a wait list. As soon as an appointment becomes available, our hospital coordinator will go down the wait-list to call patients. Be aware that our office may only learn about the date 2 weeks prior. There are specific instructions and paperwork to complete before attending the hospital. You will receive this at the office and then our hospital coordinator will contact you for specific details.